Unternehmensberatung von RainerBrüderleConsult
Unternehmensberatung von RainerBrüderleConsult

Your partner for strategy & business consulting and policy advice


Consulting for companies and organisations

Our customers are medium-sized and big businesses, foundations, public institutions, political enterprises, and associations. They benefit from our know-how, experience, and expertise in commercial and political business of many years as well as from our wide-spread network. We are a reliable partner when our customers 


  • need professional advice and recommendation for solving questions of how to cope with change and how to adapt to altered market conditions,
  • look for an experienced and versatile consultant for political problems, maybe in connection with a larger project of public interest, being in the focus of several stakeholders,
  • require individual assistance in (re-)positioning the future strategy of their business, with the aim of developing successful and sustainable objectives for the company or organisation,
  • need a reliable counterpart as a virtual sparring partner for discussing individual answers to particular business or political questions.

Rainer Brüderle – renowned and well-known speaker

Are you looking for an outstanding speaker for your event, convention, forum, company anniversary celebration, exclusive customer meeting or select executive presentation?

Do not hesitate to benefit from Rainer Brüderle’s decade-long experience and his expert skill of illustrating even rather complicated context in a practical and humorous way.

Most requested subjects for his speeches are:

  • Economical parameters for smaller and medium-sized business and their role in a balanced system
  • Energy policy and the swift to regenerative technologies – classified from an economic and political point of view
  • Taxes and fiscal policy – how can a state create a fiscal climate sustainable for future generations?
  • The European Union and its policy what are the good and bad effects of EU policy, especially on medium-sized companies?
  • International economic relations and globalisation – chance or risk?

Vita Rainer Brüderle – Economist, politician and business expert

President of the Bund der Steuerzahler (Association of German Tax Payers) in Rhineland-Palatinate (since 2015)

Leading candidate of the FDP (German Liberal Party) for the German Federal Election (2013)

Head of the FDP (German Liberal Party) fraction in the German Bundestag (2011-2013)

Federal Minster of Economics (2009-2011)

Member of the Executive Committee of the FDP (German Liberal Party) (1995-2011)

Several ministerial functions in Rhineland-Palatinate (1987-1998)

Director of the Mainz Economical Department (1975-1987)

Economist (graduate from Mainz University in 1971)


Contact: phone +49 6131 9300080, fax +49 6131 9300082 or send an E-Mail.


Thank you very much!

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